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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Professional Learning Goals

      Professional Learning is designed to create and nurture a professional culture of leadership and innovation throughout MPS. Professional learning activities are aligned with district initiatives and continuous improvement plans.



·       Provide new teachers with an orientation program, mentoring, and ongoing training throughout the critical first year of teaching to promote more effective teaching and learning.


·       Provide a comprehensive, research-based professional learning program that includes a wide range of opportunities for staff and administrators to remain current with new developments in the field of education, to improve their professional skills, and to retain their license(s) and certification(s).


·       Support all efforts to create an atmosphere that fosters collegiality, collaboration and interactive learning among members of school and system learning communities.


·       Develop and implement district-wide opportunities to assist teachers in developing strategies for the incorporation of strategic teaching, formative assessments and Response to Instruction as standard engagement processes in teaching and learning.


·       Recognize and utilize the expertise and talents of professionals within the school system to improve practices. 


2012-2013 SMART Goals:

·      By September 2012, 100% of all newly hired teachers will be participants in induction training and recipients of system and school-based mentoring experiences.

·      By October 2012, Year 1 of the Assistant Principals and Aspiring Leaders Academy will culminate with 100% participation and Year 2 will begin by December 2012.

·      By October 2012, school administrators will be trained to conduct instructional rounds.

·      By November 2012, 100% of designated system staff will participate in zone team training for the improvement of professional collaboration, monitoring, support and coaching skills in relation to schools.

 ·     By November 2012, system staff will be trained to participate in school and system-level data meetings.

·      By November 2012, 100% of new administrators will receive training in STAR Renaissance. 

·      By February 2013, 100% of K-5 math teachers will receive training on Go Math textbook and supports. 

·      By December 2012, 100% of K-12 math teachers will receive training to implement common core math.

·      By November 2012, 100% of teachers will be trained in Educate Alabama.

·      By November 2012, 100% of staff with administrative certification and who are working as administrators will be trained in Lead Alabama. 

·         By March 2013, 100% of system and school administrators and staff will be trained in the administration of Global Scholar achievement and performance series.

·         By February 2013, 100% of MPS certificated and support staff will receive training on the system accreditation process.

·         By December 2012, 100% of continuing teachers will participate in some format of job-embedded learning communities.

·       By January 2013, 100% of continuing teachers will participate in training on formative assessment.

·       By March 2013, collaborative teachers will receive training and coaching support.