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  • Brew Tech named National PTA School of Excellence

    The National PTA has recognized Brewbaker Technology Magnet High and its PTSA as a 2020-2022 School of Excellence.

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  • 2021 Graduation Ceremonies

    Commencement ceremonies for MPS high schools were live streamed and are available to watch now on YouTube.

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  • COVID - Wear A Mask

    Combining prevention steps, including having everyone wear a mask correctly, keeping people 6 ft apart, handwashing, cleaning and maintaining healthy environments & contact tracing. Phased school reopening based on community transmission levels. Increased testing. Vaccinating teachers, staff, & the community.

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  • MPS Graduation

    MPS is announcing a tentative schedule of graduation dates for the Class of 2021. JD, May 17 (Mon) ; Lanier, May 18 (Tues); Lee, May 19 (Wed); Carver, May 20 (Thurs); Park Crossing, May 21 (Fri) ; Brew Tech, May 24 (Mon); McIntyre, May 25 (Tues); BTW, May 26 (Wed)

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  • Virtual Learning Tips for Parents

    As many MPS families continue, their experience having their child attend school virtually –even parents with experience can use some fresh ideas to start the new school year. Here are proven tips from teachers and parents of virtual school students to help your child get ready!

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  • BrewTech Virtual Learning Procedures

    -All students have been issued their Clever Account Information.

    -Students should check Schoology/Google Classroom for assignments, and updates.

    -Students should use their NEW MPS gmail account to communicate with teachers if they have any questions or concerns about posted lessons and assignments.

    -Faculty Email Addresses are listed under “For Parents” on our website.

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  • Proposed Student Dress Code 2022-2023

    Bottoms Male

    Khaki Pants, Black slacks and khaki shorts.
    *No sagging/baggy and no chains or jewelry may be attached
    *No denim or corduroy

    * No leggings and jeggings

    *No warm-up suits

    Bottoms - Female

    Khaki Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, Black slacks.

    * Skirts that are plaid (#76) 

    *Length should not be above the knee

    *No tight pants of any kind.

    * No denim or corduroy

    * No leggings and jeggings

    * No warm-up suits


    Brew Tech emblem only, then there cannot be any other insignia.

    Collared Polo type shirt in short or long sleeve correctly fitted (solid white, gray, light blue, or black). Must be worn under hoodies or other outer wear.

    Oxford Style button down correctly fitted (solid white or light blue)


    Brew Tech emblem only, then there cannot be any other insignia.

    Brew Tech hoodies or sweatshirts (Monday-Thursday- gray, black, light blue, or white; Friday- any colored Brew Tech hoodie) -NO other type sweatshirts or hoodies.


    Black or brown leather belt. Belts are to be worn inside belt loops
    *No large, rhinestone, or initial/name buckles


    Any closed toe shoe with heel no higher than two inches

    • Crocs / clogs will not be allowed.


    Brew Tech emblem only, then there cannot be any other insignia.

    Pullover Crew Sweater, Sweater vest, or Button front cardigan (solid white, solid black, solid light blue, or solid gray) with uniform-collared shirt worn underneath.


    Worn in modesty (no large hoop earrings)
    No bangles or long necklaces
    No elaborate and/or distracting makeup

    Hair styles

    Neatly groomed
    No unusual hairstyles or colors that are distracting or obtrusive


    No facial piercings except for religious customs.

    Additional Uniform Procedure Information


    • Uniforms must be clean and neat and correctly fitted and not expose midriff. 
    • No hats, caps, blankets or sunglasses will be worn in the building. Hoods will not be worn in the building at any time.
    • No bedroom slippers, flip flop, stilettos, slides, boots with chains, steel toe or other metal reinforcement, thigh high boots or athletic slides will be allowed. Crocs / clogs will not be allowed.
    • Headgear that is specifically religious or medical will be allowed. All other head coverings will not be allowed.
    • All clothing should be generic (ex. Tommy, Guess, Polo, etc. not permitted).  Uniforms are to be worn every day, except for designated spirt days.   
    • Athletes are required to check with coaches concerning athletic dress code tops on game days. Uniform bottoms must always be worn.
    • Cheerleading uniforms may only be worn during pep rallies and on select days with prior permission from the Principal.
    • Students will not wear clothing representing other high schools, middle schools, or elementary.
    • Refer to *MPS Code of Student Behavior for clarification. 


    All shorts and dresses must not be shorter than 2 inches above the knees.