• Baldwin Dress Code

    Please read these guidelines carefully.  All students are required to adhere to the dress code.

    Dress Code

    The Baldwin Uniform Guidelines coincide with MPS dress code in a more detailed and school specific form:  The Baldwin Dress Code follows:


    Uniform Tops:

    Girls:  Dark Purple or white golf shirts—short or long sleeved –may have a banded waist, white button-down shirts, white shirts with short sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves, or long sleeves. All shirts must have collars and no logos, unless it is the Baldwin logo which is not required.

    Boys:  Dark Purple or white golf shirts—short or long sleeved, white button-down shirts. All shirts must have collars and no logos, unless it is the Baldwin logo, which is not required.

    For both boys and girls:  white long- sleeved t-shirts and white turtlenecks may be worn under short-sleeved golf shirts.  Shirts should fit properly and not be oversized.  Shirts do not have to be tucked in if appropriate length; overly long shirts should be tucked in. 

    The Baldwin logo may be embroidered on shirts; however, this is not a requirement.  Several uniform companies in Montgomery have the Baldwin logo and will embroider shirts.


    Uniform Bottoms:

    Girls:  Khaki or black shorts, skorts that look like skirts from the front and back, skirts, jumpers (all must adhere to the MPS policy requiring these to be no higher that knee length from the crease in the back of the knee)  Capri pants, and long pants.  All pants must be of regular cut, with no “skinny pants” or leggings made to look like pants. (Pants and shorts must be uniform-type pants.) Plaid (color “2M”) skorts that look like skirts from the front and back, skirts, and jumpers may be worn, also.

    Boys:  Khaki or black shorts and long pants.  Pants must fit properly; they may not be oversized or sag. (Pants must be uniform-type pants.)

    For both boys and girls: No athletic shorts. If shirts are tucked in, belts must be worn, if pants or skirts have belt loops.


    Purses, Totes, and/or Bags:   Students may carry purses to transport personal items; howeverpurses may be no larger than 10”X8”X2”. Students may not carry back-pack style purses.



    For both boys and girls:  Shoes must cover the foot.  Athletic shoes, white or black preferred.  Shoes such as loafers, flats, “boat” shoes are permissible, as long as they cover the foot. Boots made to wear during inclement weather (such as rubber rain boots) may be worn to school; however, they must be stored in the student’s locker during the day.



    For both boys and girls: White, black, light or dark gray, or dark purple sweaters (crewneck and v-neck), sweater vests, sweatshirts, zipped front hoodies,fleece jackets. No brand logos are allowed on outerwear.  All may be embroidered with the school logo. School logos are not required. Outerwear with brand logos may be worn to school if stored in lockers during the day.


    Socks/Tights, Ties, Hair Ribbons, Accessories, etc: Socks and tights: solid color white, black, or flesh colored. Dance students may not wear their dance class tights under skirts.  Ties may be worn (must be tied correctly) but are not required—solid color dark purple or plaid 2M.  Hair ribbons should be solid color: black, white, purple, khaki, or plaid 2M. Hair bows may be worn, if small (no large hair bows) and the appropriate color. Students may not wear bandanas (see the dress code in the MPS Code of Student Behavior.)  Head bands may not be worn on the forehead.  No large jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces, may be worn by boys or girls.


    Special Occasions: On special occasions, designated by the principal, students may wear a Baldwin t-shirt that has not been altered to look different than intended.  On these special days, students may also wear khaki or black bottoms with Baldwin t-shirts.