• Baldwin Supply List

    • The following lists are general lists that teachers in each department created.  Individual teachers may add items for their particular class after school begins.  Lockers will not be issued until the second day of school, so students should bring only a notebook, paper, pen, and a pencil the first day of school.
    • Students are encouraged to use a “Trapper Keeper” style binder (some zip or fasten with a tab and have a cross-body strap) with assorted colored tab dividers for their core subjects.  Teachers of electives may request individual folders or small notebooks. 
    • Students may not carry book bags during the school day, so book bags and/or backpacks must be small enough to fit into lockers.  Wheeled book bags will not fit into lockers.
    • Many teachers require each student has a “flash drive” to save computer work.  Students may use one such portable drive for all classes, except computer. 
    • If multiple teachers request duplicate items (colored pencils, ink pens, basic calculators, etc.), students need only one or one pack of each.  Students may carry these in a pencil pouch that may clip into their “trapper keeper.” Students may not share these items.
    •  Please make sure that your student's name is on all of their items, including jackets, lunch totes, flash drives, etc.

    Notebook paper
    #2 pencils
    Hand-held pencil sharpener
    Pens -- black or dark blue ink
    Basic calculator
    Flash Drive

    Notebook paper
    Pens—dark blue or black ink
    Liquid paper
    3X5 index cards - 1 pack
    4X5 lined index cards - 1 pack
    Flash Drive

     Social Studies
    Notebook paper
    Pens -- dark blue or black ink
    Red ink pen
    #2 pencils with erasers
    Colored pencils
    3X5 Index cards - secured with rubber band
    Liquid Paper

    Glue sticks
    1 composition book (the one that has pages that can’t be torn out)
    5 divider tabs 

    #2 pencils with erasers
    Wide-rule notebook paper
    12” ruler with both customary and metric units
    Basic calculator 

    Foreign Language
    Levels 1, 1A, 1B
    Purple notebooks, either paper with prongs or plastic
    with 1/2 inch rings
    Pen -- dark blue or black ink
    6th Grade Exploratory
    Purple, pocketed and pronged folder

    Notebook paper
    Pens — dark blue or black ink
    Flash Drive at least 512 mb (to be used only for computer class)


    **Arts Department Supply Lists**
    Arts students that have been accepted may go ahead and buy their supplies. If you have not received confirmation concerning student's schedules, please wait and purchase after verification of 2021-2022 schedule.

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