• Hello,

    My name is Mrs. Taylor and I am your school counselor for the 2021-2022 school year.  I am so excited to be a part of your educational career. I have been an educator for thirteen years, and of those thirteen years I have been a school counselor for six years. I am here to assist  you academically, personal/socially and with your career choices. My door is always open and you can come to me whenever you feel the need. Thank you and have a GREAT school year.

     Excitedly Yours,

    Mrs. Taylor

     A School Counselor’s Duties

    My school counseling duties are to make you the best person you can be inside as well as the outside. I also want you to  believe that you can achieve ANYTHING,  pass the sky is the limit.

    Services that will be provided

    ¨ Large Group/ Class Counseling

    ¨ Small Group Counseling

    ¨ Career Counseling

    ¨ Test Taking Skills

    ¨ Communication Skills

    ¨ Personal Safety

    ¨ Conflict Resolution Strategies

     Contact Info.

    Email address: harolyn.taylor@mps.k12.al.us

    Phone: Flowers (334) 260-1015

    Ext. . 25005

    Wilson (334) 272-8819

    Ext. 56005