• Mullins

  • Welcome to Jeff Davis High School...Home of the Volunteers!

    I am excited to start a new year as the principal of Jeff Davis High and look forward to beginning this year with in person learning.  I encourage students and parents to keep abreas of everything happening at JD by visiting the school webpage daily and signing up for our other forms of social media to stay engaged.

    Students are encouraged to get involved beyond academics to develop yourselves holistically.  Education and attending school is not just going to class and completing homework, Marian Wright Edelmen said it best, "education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."  I challenge each student to do just that... improve your learning community by getting involved in clubs and sports at JD and then take it into your neighborhood, city, and the world.

    I look forward to another extraordinary year as your principal.

    GO VOLS!

    Patrick Mullins