• The Information Technology Academy provides a curriculum that builds from basic technology skills to specialized technology certifications. The Information Technology Academy offers a wide range of subject areas crucial to future success in today's information-oriented world. Industry-based network certifications and network systems architecture and design are included in student course work. Mentoring and internship opportunities with local business and industry are a standard part of the curriculum.

    Course of study:

    Assessment ready for:

    • CompTIA A+
    • CompTIA Network +
    • CompTIA Security +

    Supply list

    Stays with student

    Headphones with a 3.5 jack (not earbuds, not Apple earpods. Just old school headphones with the pointy end that goes into a circular port.)

    Optional wireless mouse - student can use at any computer in the building.

    Stays in classroom

    1 package of baby wipes (NOT CLORAX WIPES - too harsh on the keyboards.)

    1 roll of paper towels

    Computer screen (dry) wipe or eyeglass cleaning wipe. (These are dry and are specifically used to wipe clean computer monitors.)

    9th graders - blue copy paper

    10th graders - Merigold (fancy yellow) copy paper

    11th graders - light green copy paper

    12th graders - gray copy paper