• Sheri Dykes, B.S. 

    The E-Commerce Academy prepares students to understand and participate in a digital economy. Throughout a four-year curriculum, students study marketing through the lenses of the digital revolution. Marketing incorporates internet marketing and the importance of online transactions. Through marketing research, students learn to conduct qualitative and quantitative research using primary and secondary data. The digital approach is integrated through the four-year curriculum, including mentoring and apprenticeships. In addition to studying the school's core curriculum, students prepare for the way business and marketing are conducted in the 21st Century by focusing on core concepts which are influenced by ongoing, world-based trends within the arenas of marketing that are designed to keep pace with the rapidly changing global world, the E-Commerce: Marketing, Sales, and Services Academy challenges students to learn, grow, refine skills, and discover individual talents within themselves.
    Course of study:

    • Business Essentials (required)
    • Marketing Principles
    • Commerce Communications
    • Internet Marketing
    • Marketing Research
    • Co-operative Ed. (Work-based learning)

    Club Affiliations:

    • • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)