• Vera Unzhakova, Master's Degree in Architecture

    Imagine a building, standing amongst others in a high fashion, different from all the others, which, also, are different amongst themselves; now imagine if the building never existed. Houses, schools, office structures, bridges, etc. you name it. Architects design it.  In addition to traditional core classes, the academy provides students with hands-on experience encompassing architecture design and construction and technology classes that allow students to design and build creative projects. Students desiring an architecture and engineering design career will have industry-recognized credentials and preparation for advanced study.

    Required Courses:

    • Introduction to Drafting Design

    • Introduction to Engineering Design

    • Civil Engineering and Architecture

    • 3D Solid Model Design

     The four-year curriculum is as follows:

    Freshman and Sophomore years

    • Basic manual drafting skills - proper drawing techniques, different types of scales, and experiences in computer-aided drafting (CAD) functions and procedures using CAD software applications

    • Explore career choices in the architecture and engineering fields.

    Junior year

    • CAD drawings in use simple techniques to develop more complex structures.

    • Students begin developing their dream houses and go through the entire process of professional development and design.

    • Students learn architectural and engineering processes in building design, for example, thinking critically about the different aspects of the foundation, roof, and electrical components.

    Senior year

    • Students use critical thinking skills to develop 3D models and design bridges, among other advanced structures.

    • Students learn how to 3D print their designs.

    • Students create and analyze models using specialized computer software

    • Completed projects displayed in the school.

    Awards and Recognition:

    • Montgomery County Commission - Park Design 2012

    • NASA (HUNCH) - 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012

    • Montgomery Planning and Development Department - 2010, 2011

    • People's Choice Award 2010 and 2011

    • Can Structure Design 2nd Place 2012, 1st Place 2011, 2nd Place 2010

    Clubs and professional affiliations:

    • Skill USA

    • TSA

    Here at Brewtech, we don't just design buildings; we design the future.