• Parents of 9th, 10th and 11th grade students:


    Your student’s yearbook picture is available for viewing and ordering! Please follow the below steps:


    1) Make sure you know your student's ID number: This number is a 10-digit number that is your student’s State Department of Education Student Number (not your student’s 5-digit email address number). All homeroom teachers have access to this number and will / can share it with your student. Our students sometimes refer to it as the “testing number” or their “long number."


    2) Get ready to create your access code: This is the easy part. Your access code is “BTM" and your student’s 10-digit ID number. (For example: If your student’s ID number is “1234567890" then your access code will be “BTM1234567890.")


    3) Click on the following link to view / order pictures: https://totalimage.gotphoto. com/login


    4) Enter your access code: Remember to put “BTM” in front of your student’s 10-digit ALSDE student number.


    5) Review your photo and place your order: Thank you for supporting BrewTech's yearbook!


    A picture make-up day is being scheduled. That date will be announced once it is set!


    If you have issues, you can contact Total Image Photography or your student’s homeroom teacher to confirm his/her ALSDE number.