School Profile

    SCHOOL: BTMHS is a magnet school built around the academy concept with an underlying support formed by the use of technology throughout the program. Current enrollment is approximately 600 students in grades 9 – 12. BTMHS is top-ranked 5th by US News and World Report in the State of Alabama. The class of 2002 was the first graduating class.

     ADMISSION: Enrollment is open without regard to race, sex, religion, or creed. Admission is open to students residing in Montgomery County, attending public or private schools, or home school which meet admissions requirements. Admission criteria include grades, attendance, and conduct.

     FACULTY: Thirty-six teachers, one librarian, one full-time counselor and one part-time counselor are currently employed at Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School. The staff members hold master’s degrees, AA degrees, Educational Specialists degrees. Faculty members participate in a continuous extensive professional development program.

     ACCREDITATION: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

     GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 24 units is required for graduation with the Standard Diploma, including 4 English, 4 math, 4 history, 4 science, 4 academy, ½ health, ½ computer applications, ½ fine arts, and electives. For the Advanced Endorsement, the above requirements plus 2 years of foreign language.

    GRADE POINT AVERAGE: Weighted grades are given for Advanced Placement and pre-AP/Advanced classes only.

    Current Scale as of August 2015: A 100-90 B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60 F 59-0

     RANK: Given the size and academic capabilities of our student body, slight variations in GPA can make significant differences in class rank and have a negative impact on an otherwise outstanding student. Therefore, students are ranked but may not reflect their true capability.

    ACADEMICS: Students attend a rigorous seven-period schedule with block scheduling four days per week in order to participate in an innovative learning environment. Upon admission, students select classes from their program areas. Academic core classes are selected based on an identification of student ability level and input from previous instructors, students, and parents. The academic level is challenging, requiring students to be focused, to think critically, and to develop good study and time management skills and to be organized. Courses are provided in English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health Education, Humanities, and Foreign Language, as well as, courses in the student’s selected program area of study. A heavy emphasis is placed on vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. The use of technology in all classes amplifies the math/logic-based thinking activities of the BTMHS student. Creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and skills expansion are encouraged in all subject areas. Students are supported in their pursuits of individual product and theory development. Teachers facilitate learning within the classroom through group projects and activities that seek to promote a team player environment.

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT: 8 AP courses are currently offered in English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Statistics, United States History and European History.