• Our Mission

    Provide a safe and secure learning and work environment for the students, visitors and employees of Montgomery Public Schools.                                

    Areas of Responsibility

    The Security Department provides trained security guards at 23 high and middle school campuses. These guards provide a variety of services such as directing traffic, weapons screening, monitoring hallways and entrances and policing outside areas. In addition to those services, the guards also respond to calls for assistance from school staff and perform general security duties at our athletic events and public meeting forums.

    The technical side of The Security Department is made up of certified technicians who maintain the intrusion, fire and intercom systems utilized at MPS campuses and support facilities. This department is also responsible for closures and door locks, which are maintained by two locksmiths, as well as 2 emergency operators monitoring daily campus activities via camera surveillance.

    To assist the MPS Human Resources Department with complaints and serve as liaison for law enforcement agencies, an internal investigator is also a part of  The Security team.

    In order to better monitor all personnel coming in contact with our children, this department also performs background checks on individuals wishing to accompany our students on field trips or serve in a voluntary capacity at the school campuses.


    Chief of Security

    Curtis Forte

    Fire/Burglary/Intercom/Electronic Access

    Derrick Glenn

    Uniformed Guards Supervisor

    Andrew Gilder

    Richard Johnson

    Internal Investigator

    Patricia J. Brown