• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I check my child’s attendance?

      Answer:  The parent portal has all information pertaining to your child.  Please obtain your password from your child’s school.


    2. May I appeal an unexcused absence?

      Answer:  Yes.  Please refer to the Student Conduct Manual.


    3. Who do I contact if I want to inquire about a Section 504 plan for my child?

      Answer:  Each school in MPS has a Section 504 Coordinator.  Please contact the school Section 504 Coordinator.  The District also has a District Section 504 Coordinator.  That person is Sophia L. Johnson, Director of Student Support Services. The number for the District Section 504 Coordinator is 334-223-6850.


    4. May I appeal an out-of-school suspension?

      Answer:  Yes.  Please refer to the Student Conduct Manual.


    5. Can a student audition and participate in extracurricular activities at another school??

              Answer:  No.  While extracurricular activities do not fall under the AHSAA, the same rules apply.  This is an MPS District Procedure. Extracurricular activities not limited to but includes, dance, cheer, band, pep squads, etc.  Any student involved in these activities representing a school MUST be a current student attending that said school.  The exception may be band students from a feeder pattern that have been chosen to play up.