• BTW Magnet offers thirteen magnet programs: Broadcast Media, Choral Music, Concert Band, Creative Writing, Dance, Law, Musical Theatre, Photography, Piano, Show Band, Strings, Technical Theatre, and Visual Arts. 


    Broadcast Media
    Broadcast Media introduces students to the world of communications through hands-on experiences with broadcast news writing, reporting, and editing in radio and television production.  

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    Choral Music
    Choral Music prepares singers for vocal arts performance through instruction in the foundations of vocal technique, music theory, sight singing, and sometimes stage choreography, and in styles that include classical, foreign language, pop music, vocal jazz, concert/festival music, multicultural/world music, and gospel music. 


    Concert Band
    Concert Band provides instruction on all major woodwind and brass instruments, concentrating on sound fundamentals, music theory, advanced technical and expressive skills, while studying and performing a variety of musical styles and genres.


    Creative Writing

    Creative Writing is a well-rounded program covering diverse writing styles and genres, including creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, screenwriting, fiction, sketch comedy, new media, basic writing, and journalism. 

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    Dance is a performance-based program with an emphasis on ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop, which combines instruction with elements of choreography/composition, dance history, injury prevention, and nutrition. 




    Law prepares students for careers in legal services and related fields by equipping students with professionalism, critical thinking, communication, and negotiation. Program graduates are eligible to take the Accredited Legal Professional Exam and begin a legal services career directly out of high school.


    Musical Theatre 

    Musical Theatre is an interactive course that offers extensive training in acting, voice, music theory, playwriting, and movement (dance) to develop students’ confidence and their ability to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. 




    Photography offers the fundamentals of film-based and digital photography by providing knowledge of exposure and camera operation as well as lessons in the history of photography, fine art composition, elements of design, professionalism, exhibition preparation, community involvement, and contemporary issues in art. 




    Piano includes group and individual piano instruction for beginner through advanced, while incorporating practice time, music theory and history. Piano technique is emphasized, as well as the study of live and recorded performances while using modern technology to enhance student musical development and experience.


    Show Band

    Show Band provides students with the same study and performance coursework as Concert Band but in the world of Jazz. Students study instrumentation that includes standard big band (saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, guitar, bass guitar or upright bass, drum set). 



    Strings offers instruction on violin, viola, cello, and string bass and focuses on skills for high-level performance, including music theory, and  technical proficiency in both traditional and non-traditional music and various composers, countries, and genres. 


    Technical Theatre

    Technical Theatre is a hands-on program for designing, creating, building, and producing for the stage through lessons in research, script analysis, costuming, lighting, stagecraft, and sound design.

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    Visual Arts

    Visual Arts explores the fundamentals of traditional and contemporary two-dimensional and three-dimensional processes and concepts, and also includes technical skills and historical knowledge, while exposing students to the work of artists, designers, and other professionals.

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    Advanced Placement course offerings in the magnets:

    AP Music Theory, AP 2-D Art & Design

    More information on the following aspects that relate to participation in the magnets is coming soon:

    Fees and Costs 

    Performance etiquette...please see the BTW Community Handbook for more details.