• Parent’s Guide

    Montgomery Public Schools is one of the largest systems in the state with 4,200 teachers, administrators, and support professionals serving around 30,000 students. Our job is to help your child excel in school and acquire the tools he or she needs for success in life.

    Parents are an important part of the education process. You are your child's first teacher and many of the lessons they need for success in life come from you.

    Stay involved in your child's education as he or she advances through the grades. Make sure homework is complete. Ask questions about what they are learning in school and look for opportunities to reinforce those lessons with practical examples of how they are applied in the world outside of the classroom.

    The Montgomery Public School System is divided into separate sections with responsibility over different aspects of school operations. When you have a question, it is always best to start with the source closest to the subject. For example, if you need information about your child's progress in a specific area, contact his or her teacher. If they aren't able to answer your question, you should contact the principal of the school. If you still have questions, please contact the department below that oversees that area.

    Curriculum & Instruction (334) 223-6830 Grades PreK-6 or (334) 223-6840 Grades 7-12
    Academics, Magnet Programs, Field Trips, Graduation Requirements, Sports Programs, Driver's Education

    Student Support Services Office (334) 223-6850
    Transfers, Attendance, Discipline Issues

    You can find the school your child is zoned for by clicking here.

    Transportation: (334) 284-2085
    Bus routes and pickup times. Please note that during the days just before school opens, these phone lines will be very busy. Please be patient.

    Special Education: (334) 269-3808
    Advanced Placement, Students with Disabilities, Individual Education Plans

    Social Services: (334) 223-6851
    Assistance in obtaining supplies, uniforms/clothing, health and other services

    Communication: (334) 223-6761
    Community Relations, Public Information, Publications, Events, Partnerships, Volunteers, Website

    If you are unsure who you should contact to find the answer to a question, click here to send an E-mail or call the Communication Office, (334) 223-6761. We will be happy to help.