Distance Learning

distance learning
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Starting the 2003-2004 School year, Montgomery Public Schools Office of Technology Support Services began offering Distance Learning classes in all of its high schools. These classes allow one teacher to offer a class not only to their local school, but to other schools that are equipped with a Distance Learning lab.

The labs are outfitted with televisions, cameras, projectors, and dvd/vhs equipment that are networked through our existing data network. This allows the teacher to see and hear students from several schools at once and the students can see and hear the teacher. Since all of the equipment is networked, any video or other visual aide can be shown to all of the sites. We believe this will be an effective way of offering classes to schools that might not otherwise have the specialized personnel to teach a course.

Equipped Schools

All Montgomery Public School High Schools, Baldwin Arts & Academics Magnet, Brewbaker Junior High, Floyd Middle Magnet are equipped with permanent installations. The system also owns three portable carts that can delivered to any school in the system.

ACCESS Distance Learning

Alabama Coonnecting Classrooms, Educators, & Students Statewide (ACCESS) is a state of Alabama initiative to bring a wide range of classes to districts throughout Alabama. Utilizing internet-based instruction, ACCESS provides Alabama High School Graduation Exam courses, Advanced Placement classes, and more. To find more information about ACCESS, visit their website at http://accessdl.state.al.us/.

Virtual Field Trips

Besides being able to teach or be taught an entire course over a semester or year, this equipment allows "virtual" fieldtrips to locations all over the world. Government agencies, museums, aquariums, businesses and more also have equipment that can connect to our labs and schools can request a tour or hour-long class covering a wide range of topics. This can greatly expand the available resources to a teacher as the students never have to leave the school and save expenses with chaperones, busing, food traditionally related to transporting students. Montgomery Public Schools has already had dozens of these field trips connecting to NASA, the Tennessee Aquarium, the Smithsonian National Museum of Art, professional development classes for teachers and more.