Professional Learning Goals

Professional Learning is designed to create and nurture a professional culture of leadership and innovation throughout MPS. Professional learning activities are aligned with district initiatives and continuous improvement plans.


Provide new teachers with an orientation program, mentoring, and ongoing training throughout the critical first year of teaching to promote more effective teaching and learning.

Provide a comprehensive, research-based professional learning program that includes a wide range of opportunities for staff and administrators to remain current with new developments in the field of education, to improve their professional skills, and to retain their license(s) and certification(s).

Support all efforts to create an atmosphere that fosters collegiality, collaboration and interactive learning among members of school and system learning communities.

Develop and implement district-wide opportunities to assist teachers in developing strategies for the incorporation of strategic teaching, formative assessments and Response to Instruction as standard engagement processes in teaching and learning.

Recognize and utilize the expertise and talents of professionals within the school system to improve practices.