Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions (4 Questions)

1. Can I order items before I have submitted a purchase order?

No, a purchase order number has to be given first.

A purchase order numbermust be given before anyfinancial transactions are performed.

2. Do I need to have a budget sheet with every purchase order?

Yes, a budget sheet should be attached to your purchase orders.

This is done to ensure that all purchase orders submitted are assigned a purchase order number.

3. How can I be added to the vendors list?

Via Email

Follow these steps to be added to the vendors list:

  • Email
  • Ask that you be added to the vendors list
  • List your commodities

4. Where can I order the needed forms I would need to purchase items as a MPS employee?

All forms can be ordered through MPS Logistic Department.

Also check their website page.