Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are results from these assessments available to parents?

Yes, results from any state or federal assessment should be provided to you from your child’s school. Assessments are given in the spring of the year, but schools don’t receive individual student results until late summer or early fall.

2. Are students required to participate in state assessments?

Yes, all students are required to participate in assessments mandated by the state department of education.

3. Are tutorial services provided for the AHSGE?

Contact the last school you attended.

4. How do I know which subtest(s) of the graduation exam I need to take?

Alabama High School Graduation Exam Requirements for Receiving a Diploma

5. How do I receive my diploma?

Contact the last school you attended.

6. I am no longer enrolled in the Montgomery County Public School System how do I register to take a part of the graduation exam that I did not pass?

Call the Office of Assessment Services at (334)261-2141 to register for the subtest needed and obtain directions to the testing location.

7. Where can I pick up my results from the AHSGE?

If you are currently enrolled with MPS contact your school’s guidance counselor. Former MPS students that registered through the Assessment Services Office will receive their results via mail. Individuals from other counties that registered with our office will have to contact their school system for graduation exam results.