Rumor Has It
You can visit this page to find out what is rumor and what is fact. If you hear a rumor about Montgomery Public Schools, please email We will look into it and post the findings here.

RUMOR HAS IT ... that the magnet schools are letting all the kids who were previously in private schools in or who "would be" private school students in due to the economy. Their parents can't afford private school anymore OR are afraid they won't be able to afford it so the magnet schools are letting them in. It seems to be true, look at the magnet schools' census' from years past. How are they getting to be different now? Did black kids stop applying for magnet schools? No. The magnet schools have been wanting more white kids there for years, and now they have their opportunity and they are REALLY taking advantage. Just look at the census from current and past times. I thought the point of magnet schools was to give parents an alternate to private schools, so now parents are leaving private and taking over magnet. How is that fair? They get their cake and eat it too? Meaning, when the economy is good, they can pay for their children's education, but when the economy turns sour, they bribe their way into magnet schools.

ANSWER: FALSE! No child is given preference into magnet schools because of their current or former enrollment in private schools. Also, race is not considered in the magnet school application process. Courts have ruled that race cannot be considered in assigning schools.

RUMOR HAS IT ...There is an effort to reduce the number of magnet schools and student slots.

ANSWER: FALSE! To the contrary! MPS has increased the number of magnet slots and is looking for opportunities to move magnet schools into better facilities, increase the number of students and even started a new International Baccalaureate program.

RUMOR HAS IT ... Children can't have a book to take home for core subjects.

ANSWER: FALSE! There are enough books for every child enrolled in core subjects to be assigned a book and take it home. Funding issues have forced a few elective classes to work with a classroom set.

RUMOR HAS IT .... If a child is not picked up from school after dismissal, police and/or the Department of Human Resources will be contacted.

ANSWER: TRUE! Parents are responsible for their children. Parents should make arrangements to get their children to and from school. If a student is not eligible to ride the bus,he or she should be picked up at dismissal time. If a parent is delayed,he or she should call the school office and notify them as to what arrangements have been made. When a student is not picked up in a timely manner, principals and counselors attempt to contact parents and others listed in the student's records. If no one comes by the time the office closes and staff is unable to contact a family member, police and/or DHR are contacted. Some campuses offer after school care, and there are a number of daycare services in the area that pickup students from schools. If you have any questions about the dismissal times for your child's school, or available after school programs, please contact the school's office.

RUMOR HAS IT ...That MPS will allow students to bring bottled water on buses during hot weather.

ANSWER: TRUE! Students may bring WATER IN PLASTIC BOTTLES ONLY on buses during the hot weather. No soft drinks or cans will be allowed.

RUMOR HAS IT ...That MPS has reversed the requirement that all students wear uniforms.

ANSWER:FALSE! The Board added a provision to the uniform policy that would allow parents in EXTREME circumstances to opt-out of the requirement. That will only be granted in specific instances - usually involving a physical disability or religious belief. Anyone who would like to apply for an exception please contact the MPS Student Support Office at 334-223-6850.