Why is District Accreditation Important?

Why is District Accreditation Important?
School districts that have engaged in the District Accreditation process identify it as a highly effective process for meeting and exceeding federal and state accountability requirements.

In addition, district accreditation:

  • supports and enhances a common language of school improvement across content areas and grade levels, as well as across individual schools, feeder schools, and school district lines of responsibility; this also includes each central office department
  • ensures continuity and collaboration in planning for improvement among all of the district's schools
  • ensures that each school's improvement goals complement the goals, vision and mission of the school district
  • provides the school district and community with the benefits of an external review and recognition for improvement efforts
  • supports a system-wide approach to achieving results
  • ensures alignment and coordination among all of the schools in the district
  • provides an internationally recognized mark of quality for the school district and its schools, students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community

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