State Intervention Information

MPS Intervention Background Information and Progress


The overarching goal of the Montgomery Public School (MPS) Intervention is to help the public school students in Montgomery County increase their academic achievement. Although there are pockets of excellence throughout the MPS system, too many of our young people are not performing well in the basic requirements needed for academic success – specifically reading, science and math.

By its nature, educational intervention comes with making unsettling changes to the existing organization. Employee’s roles, responsibilities, and their ability to carry out those responsibilities are necessarily scrutinized and performance expectations are raised.

Inevitably, in an intervention some jobs are eliminated and other employees are reassigned. Because Montgomery Public Schools has such a challenge in academics, the Alabama State Department of Education has tried to implement this intervention without losing TEACHERS. High quality teachers are crucial to the improvement of MPS’ student achievement and ultimately, being released from state intervention. 

In an intervention, school level operations are reviewed and ineffective programs and facilities can be eliminated, restructured, or otherwise significantly modified. By design and of necessity, intervention is an extraordinary remedy that often requires extraordinary measures to accomplish its purposes. Cosmetic and short-term ‘fixes’ are not a substitute for the kind of structural and operational reform that is necessary to maintain fiscal, operational, and academic integrity on a sustained basis.    

Montgomery’s public school system is in need of serious, significant reform. The State Department of Education cannot do it alone. The hard working teachers and administrators with MPS cannot do it alone. The thousands of concerned parents and citizens across the greater Montgomery area cannot do it alone. The support, hard work and commitment from ALL is necessary to make MPS reach its full potential and provide the strong, quality educational experience our students so richly deserve.  


The Alabama State Board of Education authorized intervention for MPS based on criteria that must be substantially improved. They include:

  • Student Academic Achievement
  • Financial Failings

Student Academic Achievement

By federal requirement, every state in America MUST give a test each year in order to determine how well students are performing academically. Last year the ACT Aspire was administered to students in Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 all across the state of Alabama.

In Montgomery, only 27% of MPS students were reading and performing math skills on grade level as compared to the state average of 41%.  Our state average is not satisfactory, but we certainly cannot tolerate a rate of 27% of MPS students reading and math on grade level and expect to see academic improvement. This number INCLUDES MPS’ magnet schools. For the non-magnet schools alone, that number gets significantly worse. (find that number)

We must acknowledge the unfortunate fact that MPS has 15% of all failing schools in the state. Drastic steps will need to be taken to correct this problem. The charts located HERE show several example of areas where student performance in MPS is significantly below the state average.  Also keep in mind that in some cases our state averages are some of the lowest in America. This includes very low proficiency (performing work on grade level) in reading, math and science, as well as performing poorly with their College and Career Preparation, unacceptably low high school graduation rates, and unacceptably high chronic absenteeism rates – especially in non-magnet high schools.     

The students of Montgomery deserve better.  

2016-2017 ACT Aspire, 10th Grade

Montgomery County Traditional High Schools