Sunday, December 04, 2016

National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs at MPS

Folder Attention Parents (3 Files)
Download Ala Carte Pricing 16-17
Download Attention Parents 2016-2017
Download Attention Parents Spanish 16-17
Folder MPS Unity Day October 31, 2016 (6 Files)
Download Carver Elementary
Download Child Nutrition Office
Download Dozier Cafeteria
Download Johnson Elementary Cafeteria
Download Pace Cafeteria
Download TS Morris Cafeteria
Folder Nutrition Standards and Wellness Policies (5 Files)
Download ALSDE Nutrition Policy
Download Breakfast 15-16
Download MPS Wellness Policy Updated 2015
Download Smart Snack Compliant Food Items sold in Cafeterias
Download Summer Feeding 14-15
Folder USDA Civil Rights Non-Discrimination Statement (2 Files)
Download USDA Nondiscrimination Statement
Download USDA Nondiscrimination Statement Spanish
Folder Students with Special Dietary Needs (4 Files)
Download Diet Prescription for Meals at School
Download Food Allergy Listing for MPS Child Nutrition Foods
Download Breakfast CHO Count List
Download Lunch CHO Count List
Folder What's for Breakfast? (10 Files)
Download December Breakfast
Download December Breakfast in the Classroom
Download November Breakfast
Download November Breakfast in the Classroom
Download October Breakfast
Download October Breakfast in the Classroom
Download September Breakfast
Download September Breakfast in the Classroom
Download August Breakfast 2016
Download August Breakfast in the Classroom Menu
Folder What's for Lunch? (10 Files)
Download December K-8 Lunch
Download December 9-12 Lunch
Download November Lunch 9-12
Download November Lunch K-8
Download October Lunch 9-12
Download October Lunch K-8
Download September Lunch 9-12
Download September Lunch K-8
Download August Lunch 2016- 9-12
Download August Lunch 2016 K-8
Folder Summer Feeding (2 Files)
Download Summer Feeding Flyer 2015
Download Summer Feeding Letter